Monday, April 23, 2012

On The Nigerian Community

I just woke from sleeping after having a vigil with some projects only to be greeted by what was going on on twitter. There was a kind of battle between Mr. Ovation(@DeleMomodu) and @tunjimartins --- this junction i would like to pause and say clearly that this post is to bring to light this issue and make you ponder. Everyone got their own opinion!

So many tweets drew my attention, especially this one: "@DeleMomodu u are also part of d loot in nigeria at least u collect money for ur magazines" - by @tunjimartins.

You can check that conversation if interested. The tweets made me remember how myself and some people I know have been insulted on social medias (Nairaland, most especially - those guys are baaaad guys :D)

I've observed that most people spit on their fellow brothers, or better say "Poor sand sand for another person garri"

My take on the issue is: We can't make progress by insulting each other because one is richer, from another tribe, from another political party or whatever reason. We might just be eating our future while some folks enrich themselves with the hatred some of us have for ourselves.

Lack of education(awareness) and poverty is, indeed, a dis-ease!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Deceptive World We've Created!

"But I'll wear my heart upon my sleeve. For daws to peck at: I am not what I am." - William Shakespeare (from the Othello play)

"I am not what I am", is a clear-cut pointer to what this post is about. The world isn't smooth!

Like those dudes in the pot, we think we've outsmarted nature, when in reality we are destroying what we've built.

It is quite unfortunate that deceit have helped most *shmucks* go on with life.

-Fools are elected into public offices.
-Idiots inherits or own big empires.
-Ambitious and devouring beasts run companies.
- Criminals walk around freely.
- The innocent are either in jail, hospital, or probably dead!
- The poor(who can't afford medical care) fall sick more often.
- Most rich men (who made money legitimately) are seen as evil.
-Illiterates teach brilliant students.
- ......perhaps you can continue the list.

Who or what is to blame? I guess we can find the answer in history. But why does the world suck?

Oh! before you continue. There's something you should know about me:
It's not a perfect world and I'm no perfect writer; it'll be stupid I claim to be the best writer, when in fact I make mistakes like its a mistake-party--- Not too much though!

Look around you and you'll see lies everywhere. This can be seen mostly amongst politicians, executives, religious leaders and businessmen. No doubt, the common man, unfortunately, who's more affected, stupidly lives like that too.

I'm glad the air isn't commercialized because it would had being devastating to witness 'creative' lies; I guess we would had probably heard things like: "eerh...due to global warming, the world's air is at a critical level. Thanks to our scientific breakthrough we've been able to create 'purified air' for about X dollars per year". Believe me! most businessmen and government will do anything to retain their power.

Our ambition and pride makes us adorn ourselves with transient values, which has contributed to our current global. (economic and natural) crisis.

Organizations flood us with exaggerated advertisement and publicity stunts in a bid to persuade us to kill ourselves while they have increased profits.
We're destroying humanity and this planet by most of our actions. I believe honesty will go a long way in helping us stand firm, for a start.

Tobacco isn't good for the health, yet it sells like crazy! Coke(not cocaine) is just carbonated water and sugar; however, branding has made it a holy grail.

At times I see people and wonder, "are they nuts?" Go to seminars, symposium, church services and any social gathering, you'll know what I'm talking about.

Have you ever seen a gorgeous chick who tells you she's damn good at singing and the next thing you hear is a frog-like voice? Why do we elect fools as leaders?

In my field(Computer Programming) I've come across a lot of people like that. They pride themselves as genius in their locality(or neighborhood) but in reality can only 'pass data to a variable'.
It's awful when this falsely-branded people fail when called to solve a problem or join a conversation.

Below are just a few reasons why you shouldn't lie or make a fool out of yourself :

- What goes around comes around: The world sucks at making anybody feel bad, therefore don't look for the world's trouble by fooling people.

- You wouldn't know your actual level of professionalism.

- People wouldn't trust as you will most times look too good to be true.

If you aren't cut out for something leave it! Don't force yourself to play-along.
Its your life for ***** sake! Come on!

When you make a fool out of yourself you're making a fool out of your world, and you'll be branded a fool.

The question is, what can you do to make your 'little' world a safe-haven for future generation?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Seven Simple Reasons [Tech] Startups aren't Flourishing in Nigeria

Success does not come as easy for the average Nigerian, as it does for the average man from the Western world. The word, "hustle" is now the maxim of the youth. Startups (new business) and venture-capitalists are buzzing worldwide, but this is not the case in Nigeria.
Are startups in Nigeria finding it enjoyable? No, I wouldn't agree. Currently in Nigeria, ideas are abound, but fund raising and monetizing are often walloped by poor startup 'ecosystem'.
It is commendable that some Nigerians where able to establish Co-Creation Hub (CCHUB) to curb these challenges. However, it's just the beginning, because the stronger challenge is the impulsive mindset of the populace.
I've put together certain mindsets which are responsible for the deterioration of technological business in Nigeria.
The 'Survive Now' Mentality:
In the name of survival, people engage in 'buying and selling' – a business that barely improves the brain. It's until we dare to do greater things that we will improve the country.
Most people would be expecting to see power supply as one reason. For me, I believe it starts with the state-of-mind. Let's forget all those excuse for things beyond our control, control what you can:YOUR MIND!

Unhealthy Taste for Power:
In Africa, power is the ability to get what you want when you want it; hence most people yearn for it. This "power" is gratifying because it doesn't come easy, and for this, people use it to intimidate and oppress others. Opportunities are usually lost as a result.

Too much emphasis on physical appearance:
The delusion that good-looks are good-skills has been to the detriment of skillful servicemen. The way you dress determines how you are addressed is no doubt true, but good-labour isn't gotten this way. Lanre, my friend, who happens to be a very skillful programmer, failed a job interview because he wore a T-shirt on a pair of jeans – sad! In most cases, if you don't dress corporate nobody takes you serious. Quite a number of geeks don't appear well nor speak good English. So why do we look at outward appearance? Check out Steve Jobs.
At Orangeville Systems, one of our best programmers feels more comfortable on casual wears. I advise my fellow Nigerian youth to seek knowledge than physical appearance.

Hustle(short-term runs) as a preferred means to income amongst our youth:
Due to the harsh economic environment and the huge gap in economic class, money and good-looks are what the youth crave for, and they want it now; hence they are stirred to a life of hustling (conning), and with this mindset it's impossible to build a lasting business and a thriving society.

Mental Laziness:
Mediocrity can be seen everywhere, from government to individuals. Even at schools, students prefer cheating.

Wearisome Business Environment:
From business registration to liquidation, this can be seen.
Honesty and peace are expensive for the corrupt. The corrupt will always want wealth-acquisition to be a rough road so they can have more power (or money). What they fail to see is that they are making the society uncomfortable for their unborn children and grandchildren.

Wrong Educational Perception:
Most people worsen issues by painting the picture that a white-collar job is the sure way to prosperity. They make others believe that without a university degree they have NO FUTURE. Education (not university degree) is the key to transformation, and most African universities are filled with archaic syllabus. We shouldn't forget that vocational skills are strong societal driving force and most youth will excel at it.
I have had several final-year students come to me (when I just came out of secondary school) to do their programming based projects, and when you ask why they wouldn't do it on their own, you get responses like: "we were taught only theories", "the hand-outs weren't comprehensive", or "we weren't taught this damn programming language".
Education is meant to be of essence afterwards.

Oh!...and another problem is that almost every youth wants to be a WizKid(musician).

-Any business that can succeed in Nigeria can succeed in the moon.
-Anybody that can drive a car in Lagos can drive a car anywhere in the world, because most motorists in Lagos are rough.
-Nigerians are good at inventing diverse survival tactics.
I love the Nigerian spirit which doesn't give-up but goes beyond colossal challenges to excel. The rush and hard-work in Lagos is so invigorating.
Challenges are stepping stones.
Someday, Nigerians will be the best at maneuvering and transformations amidst challenges (ONLY if we start seeing things the right way).

Software Developer | Techpreneur
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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Why I Don't do Consultancy( or service-based business)

I've created excellent software for businesses, and at times they want it (almost) free, or sometimes, free. I've done it free of charge many times.
I did an enterprise application for a company and they made over N10m from it per customer per transaction. How much did they pay me? Peanuts!

Passion is a critical factor for building a great company. Without passion a business will hardly soar and without strong PASSION you won't succeed as a consultant.

Below are my thoughts about consultancy:

- Its a big distraction to someone who wants to create a 'product'.
If Steve Jobs had being consulting on a regular basis will we be enjoying the iPhone, iPod and iPad?

-It requires a great deal of experience to get a big contract. As a young entrepreneur you would have to prove yourself to big clients.

- It doesn't scale well. Why should I spend my life solving one business's problem when I can solve much more at one strike?

- It has an awkward profit. At times you have to work so hard to get little profit. *pissed mode*

- You, or your company won't be known for a lasting product.

For product-based business faced with the challenges of good-capital, consultancy can be used to raise capital.

Everyone has a driving force, and mine is my obsession for scaling and invention.

Have a happy life.
Software Developer | Techpreneur
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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Early Mistakes I Made While Starting A Company: From Idea to Company

It was a bright day – the weather was friendly and the birds sang while my heart whirled penetratingly on the highway of emotions. Arrant happiness - it was.
I thought I just became Bill Gates and Tovald Linus because a fantastic idea rolled up. An idea, I thought, will revolutionize my country and later on, the world!
As a secondary school boy, I had always dreamt of inventing things. And these led me to follow my adorable friends, Celestine and his brother (Francis) to a library almost every day. It was exciting!

Ideas, I understand flows to the brain that absorbs knowledge and silence (or loneliness). For me, it was all about enhancement.
What had I done that made me feel like Bill Gates? Was it because Bill Gates was going to step down as Microsoft C.E.O for me to take over? Dream on…
Well, it was a (software) solution to a big problem that came while I was preparing for my exams. I rejoiced like a man who just won a lottery.
The main aim about this post isn't about the idea, but the mistakes made. I hate seeing people make mistakes others have already made. The core objective of this blog is to tackle that.
And this idea gave birth to my startup company, formerly – Sadox Technologies, now Orangeville Systems. It was founded to create certain software products. I believe in good products even if it takes quality time to develop it.
My Mistakes>>
-INDISCIPLINE: The funny habit of being carried away by interesting ideas, experiments and knowledge cost me huge time. I did much random coding. My PC crashed twice and I had to restart the project (idea) twice. There was no good back-up. I paid a tearful price for my procrastination when TWO years (2007) later I saw the idea launched by another company. It was painful.
Lesson: The world is moving, so move (with discipline). Don't postpone your future! Do it now!
-WRONG TEAM: You see I tried to convince myself I had partners (value adders - not time wasters) but I was wrong. I invited (in 2005) two FRIENDS to join Sadox because I wanted them to help discipline me and ease the workload while I teach them programming. It never worked. It drew me back because I became a 'Manager'. Amongst them was a male who needed much training. Upon several trials to make him solid, it never worked because he was passionate about money- not codes.
I then decided to help a friend, and made him CEO while I do coding, but he just wasn't it. I loosed focus as I had to learn business management, accounting and all sort of non-techy things. I did business plans and strategies but no code. A terrible mistake! It has caused me years of slow growth - Now history. The lady, on the other hand, is doing just fine. She is passionate, responsible and learned.
Lesson: Surround yourself with passionate and strong people when starting. A weak startup team is like a learner on a racing bike. Friends aren't the best business partners. Look for skills first – character thereafter.
-BEING A PERFECTIONIST: I spent more time on look-and-feel than on actual coding. Too much time was spent tweaking I was never satisfied with. Too make it worse; I really wasn't good at UI graphics.
Lesson: Your computer wasn't built in a day. Learn with each step.
My dear, I encourage you to improve your self-discipline ASAP.
Its a rough road out there and sometimes you are all you've got.

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